Combat Sport Fitness


Fighter Fitness

Duration: 50 minutes

A 50 minute fat blasting, cardio vascular workout that fuses
Boxing & Kickboxing for optimum results. This is not your average Kickboxing class. You will learn combinations, skill and technique and be training alongside the pros without the risk of injury or a black eye. This class is for the individual that wants quick results and to work hard while having a good time and learning valuable self defense. If you’re a man or woman ages 16 & up, appreciate a sweaty workout and a motivational playlist than this class is for you.

Class Schedule

  • Monday
    9:15 am | 5:15 pm | 7:45 pm 
  • Wednesday 
    9:15 am | | 5:15 pm | 7:45 pm
  • Friday
    9:15 am | 5:15 pm

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